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Kensington Choralworks specializes in new settings of works culled from the treasure trove of musical and literary classics—--be they poetry, hymn, folksong, or even pop/jazz! In so doing, we hope to foster a greater appreciation of music, literature and history. We also strive to present works of lasting quality and high choral standards, primarily for ensembles of masterful abilities.
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PERUSE SELECT PAGES by clicking on any linked song title (from the catalog page). This will open a new window featuring one to eight pages of music, allowing you to get a glimpse of what each song affords. You may also...

LISTEN TO EXCERPTS by addressing the appropriate link (adjacent to the song's title). Here's a 'sampler' you may try out now: HEAR... a 4-minute selection of excerpts, including 'I Am Gone, Sir' (from "Songs from 'Twelfth Night'"), 'Moreton Bay,' 'O Come, O Come, Emmanuel,' 'Songs of the South,' 'Vocalise,' 'Alà Watteau,' 'The Ant Chronicles,' 'The Grackle' and a rousing setting of Australia's 'unofficial national anthem!'


Ensoma Creative releases their amazing Memorial Day video of
Ken Neufeld's setting of "Taps!"

Under direction of talented composer, Townsend Losey, Ensoma Creative further demonstrates their impeccable a cappella tuning, blend, balance, and more, delivering an outstanding and masterful performance of "Taps." This arrangement is adapted from the final section of Mr. Neufeld's dramatic medley, "Battlecries of Freedom," largely commemorating the American Civil War. You can see Ensoma's moving video on YouTube and Facebook. (And from their YouTube page, check out more of their music. On a first-time visit, we recommend "The Willow Lullaby," "Now Bound in Love" ...and ANY of the others, of course! You will be duly impressed and awed by the overall sound, the compositions, and performances!)
The Los Angeles Master Chorale records our edition of
"Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas!"

On their first holiday album in nearly twenty years, the Los Angeles Master Chorale has released a delightful array of Christmas favorites, old and new, of which Ken Neufeld's arrangement is one. (Ken was fortunate enough to have his setting of "The Lamb" included on that previous CD, as well!) These most recent performances, under Grant Gershon's splendid direction, come from holiday concerts recorded live at the Walt Disney Concert Hall. For more information---including song excerpts, visit the LAMC website.
Now: Complete Sound Files!
We originally thought brief audio selections would be enough for you to get a feel for pieces in our catalog. But over the years, we learned that you'd like to hear longer samples of the music ---and in most cases, you'd prefer the entire work! In response, we have, indeed, added complete recordings (where they exist). So, wherever you see eighth notes (♫) following a title, in our catalog, you now have the opportunity to savor a full-length recording of that work. ...ENJOY!
Find a FREE gift in our music library!
If you'd like a lovely, brief benediction for use in religious services or related events, go to our catalog and take a look at "A Parting Blessing" (second listing under sacred SATB). It's a perfect 4-part, a cappella choral response to closing prayers/dismissals, as well as a farewell prayer for friends leaving your congregation. Download it right from the catalog page---for FREE!
J. W. Pepper & Sons continue to carry Kensington Choralworks titles
Our arrangement with the Fred Bock Music Company (with distribution through Hal Leonard) ended in 2012. Since the Pepper catalog includes Hal Leonard listings, we were available there---and we still are! Our thanks to J. W. Pepper & Sons for continuing to share our music.
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The Choral Spotlight
We are pleased to present sound files of many works on our catalog page. These files come to you through performances of professional, non-professional, and academic ensembles. See this growing list of outstanding participants by clicking here.
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You may browse, view, and order octavos directly from our catalog. You may also find titles of our composers' work available through other publishers (contact information included).
The Composers
You're invited to meet the writers represented in our catalog. We are delighted with the ongoing expansion of this prestigious list, along with the prospect of offering additional works of quality and high standard by varied artists! Simply click on the following link for photos and brief informative notes about the composers.
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We wish to encourage and uphold the highest standards of choral singing, and strive to bring quality compositions to you, your choirs, and your audiences. Your suggestions, concerns, and any other input are welcomed! Please contact Kensington Choralworks.

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